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Digital Marketing is an ever expanding, evolving-by-the-day field. Trust in us, as we are trusted by behemoths like Google and Microsoft too, to guide you in this wilderness. If a happy customer is your shore, EDSSURE (Affiliate marketing program companies in India) can show or create enough lamp posts to take you there. Affiliate marketing services have evolved as an essential part of a company’s overall digital marketing strategy, with a significant increase in its contribution to overall sales. It’s a performance-based platform with four major players: advertiser, publisher, customer, and agency. You pay others to sell and promote your goods or services typically at a flat commission rate or cost per acquisition from the perspective of advertisers or marketers.

At EDSSURE, we offer the best affiliate marketing services in India and assist brands in generating sales leads. Our visionary team specializes in affiliate marketing services and employs cutting-edge tactics to ensure that your company receives enough online exposure on appropriate platforms. As a result, we offer your company the most effective and cost-effective affiliate marketing solutions. Unique strategies aimed at reaching the target customers, where and when they are looking for you.

Many businesses have profited from our performance-based agency and our affiliate marketing services in India. As part of this, we leverage our reach to bring together the right advertisers and publishers to maximize growth. Team of experienced enthusiasts, experts and leaders within the digital industry that strongly believe in delivering results.

We can help you to effectively manage your affiliate system. We help you grow fast, and we connect you to the right people. Here is what you can gain by working with us:

  • Easy campaign setup
  • Campaigns to promote your affiliate program
  • Fresh ideas to explore new avenues
  • Regular and detailed reports
  • Custom solutions that fit client goals and objectives
  • Market Expertise
  • Strategic Plan
  • 100% ROI based campaign planning, strategy and execution with real time optimizations

Earn an unlimited income every month by referring to our website. Earn up to 20% of commission for each sale.

Your referred user will get 5% instant discount


Monthly Sales - Online TrainingCommissions Per Sale - Online Training
Unlimited SalesUnlimited Earnings - Earn 1000 Rs for each sale
Monthly Sales - Online CertificationCommissions Per Sale - Online Certification
Unlimited SalesUnlimited Earnings - Earn 1000 Rs for each sale

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