EDSSURE’s Education Event Management Solutions

EDSSURE is providing Customizable and planned event management solution for schools, colleges and universities. We offering our event management services across the Hyderabad. As a successful event management organization will no doubt have been involved in a kind of events and will know what will create the new factor at a huge conference or how to encourage participant involvement at any workshop. We’re up to speed with the latest trends in event technology and students’ interaction. With this experience and day to day exposure to the world of events that will bring creativity and a different perspective.

1. Recruitment & Campus Visits

With local and national travel disruptions and restrictions, making a trip across the country, or state is more stressful than ever before. With campus and education management, universities around the India are seamlessly designing and implementing recruitment and campus visits that take place both on-campus and virtually, with an equal taste of what the university and campus have to offer. These events are some of the most important for your institutes, so ensure attendees feel a strong sense of community and get a clear picture of what their academic journey with you will look like. Event management platforms allow you to brand your event materials so you can start sharing that institute pride from the moment they first start interacting with your institute and events.

2. Career & College Fairs

students attending annual Education Fair to choose career path and receive professional counseling. The opportunity to meet with potential employers, industries and make a good impression has shrunk significantly, but these events are so essential to the successful futures of your students. Smart institutions are using higher education event management platforms to make these events possible, in-person and group. For college fairs, event platforms allow universities to make a great first impression with potential students with streamlined check-ins and reassuring controlled attendee access to ensure safety protocols are followed for onsite attendees.

3. Concerts & Sporting Events

Sporting events, concerts, and on-campus events have long been a central part of university life and you can ensure they continue with a school event management system. Schools can create a program for their event(s) so they can push relevant information and offers to interested people and attendees before, during, and after the event, whether they plan to attend in-person or group. With the EDSSURE, you can brand your materials to encourage school pride and tailor your marketing for events so only those who need additional encouragement to stay connected to your school receive additional emails and offers.

4. Competitions

Higher education institute competitions aren’t just a chance for students to showcase their work, they’re a time for innovation. EDSSURE’s Event management platforms allow schools/colleges to create a tailored event experience with high levels of security so new ideas and pitches can be kept safe within the “walls” of your institution, no matter where yours participates are.

As the nature of the pandemic undulates, higher education institutions need flexible and all-in-one solutions that decrease administrators’ workloads and make it possible to run seamless events no matter what’s going on in the outside world. EDSSURE provides with the flexibility needed in these times to move from in-person events to virtual as necessary, and easily manage hybrid events so your students feel a part of the discussion no matter where they are in the world.

5. Summer Camps for Children

Out life Outdoor & Adventure Education Camp is an awesome outdoor camp for children aged 8-17. Your children will learn how to be fiercely independent yet care for people here. They have different types of camps and they are priced differently. So, contact us to get all the information. A specifically designed camp to enhance the cognitive and creative skills of children, EDSSURE’s Summer Camp in Hyderabad includes activities like 3D comic workshop, magicians mission, balloon sculptures, clay and pottery making, magic gardening, space exploration, skilled carpentry, star-gazing, tent pitching and trenching outdoor skills, map reading, navigation, and treasure hunt games overlooked and more by an experienced team.

Here are few advantages of EDSSURE:

1)Event Experts

2)Save Time and Money

3 Creativity

4)Skilled Teams


6)Taking care of the legalities

7)We have the right contacts

8)Trust & High Security