Skill Certification Programme

Hi , thank you for showing your interest in the Skill Certification Programme .

We are glad to welcome you onboard.

PROCESS : We are happy to provide skill certificate on the basis of your skills which helps you to pursue your career growth .

INTRO : We need your basic info like personal details , previous work experiences, projects , presentations etc .

Skill Test : Our expert team will assign some tasks to you to test your skills . Candidate should complete those tasks in a given time frame so that grades will be awarded accordingly.

Languages Test : Our experts will test you on computer languages you know , tools , programming & technologies and assign some tasks .

Behaviour skills : This is to test candidates behaviour , communication skills ,attitude , work ethics in different situations. Our team will asses candidates problem solving skills & decision making abilities .

NOTE : Candidate will be awarded with grade scale from 1 to 10 .